Urban Warfare

Urban Warfare


Released: 2012
Label: Self-Released




One of the best parts of music to me is that it's so universal and open to interpretation. Each song can literally mean something different to a person, depending on the person and what they perceive and get out of it.

I just wanted to give you all a little insight behind the lyrics to the songs on Urban Warfare and let you know where my head was at the time I was writing them, so check out the notes before the lyrics of each track.

Just like all other KLANK songs, these songs are real in that they are based on real life and real life situations and scenarios that we all encounter in our 'day-to-day'. May you not only enjoy the songs, but also enjoy seeing where they actually originated from! - Daren "KLANK" Diolosa

Track Listing

01. A Call to Arms (1:12)
02. Unamused (3:57)
03. Urban Warfare (3:18)
04. Bigger Man (4:39)
05. Alive in Me (4:28)
06. Save Me (4:09)
07. Built to Survive (4:05)
08. Sick is the New Sane (4:08)
09. Stomp You Out (4:14)
10. Blow It All Away (4:03)
11. Disdain (4:14)
12. We're All Suspect (4:03)
13. Eraser (2:37)
14. Something About You (feat. Dug Pinnick) (3:22)